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Social media is pervasive in our lives. Most people recognize the awesome power and ability of social media to spread ideas, connect with people, sell widgets and win elections.

Organizations are setting up ‘social media’ divisions and departments to understand what is happening and hopefully to sell more widgets. Training organizations and schools are launching courses and programs on social media. Advertising, PR and digital agencies are setting up practices, divisions and even companies specializing in providing social media solutions.

All of this is about to stop very soon. Social Media is dead. Social media is/ will become such an integrated part of everything that we do that the concept of treating ‘social media’ as a separate division / department/ company will make no sense.

What we need are better and faster ways of integrating social media into everything that we do rather than packing it off into separate silos.

The very term ‘social’ media makes sense only for those of us who grew up in an era when media was not social. The new generation growing up now has not really experienced media that is not social.

We do not need to create a social media strategy for our company, division, department, restaurant, or dog. All we need are ways to integrate social media into everything that we do.


Facebook has started the process of verifying the ownership of a Facebook page. Facebook page admins of large pages have started receiving messages like this from Facebook

“Our records indicate that you are currently the admin of a Facebook Page with a large number of fans, Tickled By Life To ensure a positive user experience, we require admins of large Pages to confirm their affiliation with the brand, business, person, or entity that their Page represents.”

A clean up is obviously a great move as there are a large number of ‘non official’ pages out there claiming to represent brands and companies. I cannot help but wonder if this move along with the recent launch of ‘Community Pages’(which will surely continue to be free)  is a precursor to Facebook asking customers to pay up for the privilege of running those pages.

Should Facebook charge page admins? I i think they should. In many cases Facebook pages have become an integral part of the brand’s communication strategy and it is only fair that if the brand is benefiting, it should be ready to pay for the privilege. One could argue that Facebook still makes money off pages because of the advertising opportunity that more pages create (Admins advertise for fans and fans interaction with pages creates for advertising inventory for Facebook)

It is most likely however that Facebook will introduce a new ‘premium’ category of pages and admins of large pages will be able to upgrade.


Today i met up with Aneace Haddad, the founder of Taggo. Taggo promises to bridge the gap between Facebook Fans and the cash register! A simple yet elegant solution to ‘reward’ your online fans in an offline situation. Big potential, but Taggo will need to move quickly to enjoy the first mover advantage – the technology seems simple enough for competitors to line up pretty quickly!

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